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An Introduction To Tuscany Italy

An Introduction To Tuscany Italy
by: Rob Carlton

Tuscany, Italy is the place that movies are filmed and fantasies run wild. Perhaps it is the cities of Florence, Pisa, or Livorno that invoke feelings of culture, art, or arouse the senses to the smells and taste of the Chianti region. The fact is that Tuscany is home to some of the most famous tourist destinations in Italy. It is here that budding artists come to learn from the masters. It is here that the world of fashion takes it cues. And it is in Tuscany that romantics rekindle the flame and celebrate their love.

The Cities of Tuscany

Florence is perhaps one of the most famous cities in the area known as Tuscany. The Uffizi museum after all is home to such masterpieces as “The Birth of Venus.” Originally built to house the Tuscan administrative offices, the top floor now houses masterpieces by Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio. Each visitor to Florence must also stop in and gaze at Michelangelo’s “David,” on display at the oldest art academy, the Galleria dell’Accademia. The Ponte Vecchio is a landmark that literally translated means “old bridge.” It was built in the 1300s and has withstood floods and wars in order to continue to hawk some of the world’s most wonderful 18 and 24k gold products and leather goods.

Chianti is known for its wines which are famous around the world. Tourists to Tuscany can enjoy the world’s finest wines while enjoying the picturesque countryside.

Siena, also located in the Chianti region houses a gothic cathedral and paintings by medieval masters, Duccio and Simone Martini. The Renaissance and Etruscan history are evident in each landmark of the region.

Piza is best known for the Leaning Tower whose construction began in the 12th century, but starting sinking into the ground after only 3 stories were completed. It stood this way for 90 years and was finally completed by the son of Andreo Pisano, Tommano Simone and Giovanni de Simone almost 200 years after it was started.

Hillsides and Waysides

Part of the beauty and mystique of Tuscany is its countryside. The rolling hills that slope down to the coast are dotted with vineyards and villas. There are working farms and vacation villas suitable for the most adventurous tourists or those who demand first class accommodations. Tuscany car rentals allow tourists to explore each tiny village at their own pace and on their own schedule.

The Heart of Commerce

Emerging as a real business centre, Tuscany is home to thriving businesses in the furniture, leather, fashion, and manufacturing industries. These businesses keep the region in the 21st century while the people and culture keep one foot in the past.

If romance, tradition and culture are your idea of an ideal vacation, then Tuscany is for you. On the other hand if shopping and the face pace of a thriving city are your style then you will also find it in the Tuscany region of Italy.

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Romantic Destinations in Alaska

Romantic Destinations in Alaska
by: Richard Rspad

If you are looking for romance while experiencing the beauty of the great white north, Alaska is the place. Here are a few romantic destinations in Alaska worth your attention.

Romantic Destinations in Alaska

The United States' most northern state, Alaska, may not seem to be your first choice for a romantic hot spot. Well, anyone who thinks that Alaska is not romantic should think again – because where it's cold and snowy, there is also room for warm cuddles by the fire and spending some quality time together. If you enjoy the thought of curling up with your loved one with a cup of hot chocolate, then choosing one of the romantic destinations in Alaska is something that is meant for you.

Alaska has become a lovers' destination in recent years, with more and more couples choosing the state for their honeymoons, as well as a place to take that special occasion trip. There are five different regions to Alaska, each of which hold different charms and activities for your Alaskan trip. Whether you prefer to spend time on the water, or would rather be skiing or hiking through the woods, Alaska has a region that will suit your needs. One area that is particularly popular for romantic destinations in Alaska is the northern region, near Anchorage.

A perfect place for your romantic stay here is Alaska's North Country Castle Bed and Breakfast, in Anchorage. This B & B offers couples a spot where they can spend some quality time alone, all while being close to the attractions of the Anchorage area. The many activities and attractions in this region include the Alaska Botanical Gardens, the Anchorage Zoo, and the Chugach National Forest. Of course, when you are planning to spend some time at a bed and breakfast, some of the biggest attractions are the amenities at the property itself. On site, Alaska's North Country Castle B & B offers hiking, cross-country skiing trails, fishing, canoeing, bird watching and swimming (in their pools).

The rooms available here are also a perfect choice for romantic destinations in Alaska. This bed and breakfast offers just three rooms, so you know you will be attended to with care. The Turnagain View Suite is the Alaska's North Country Castle's version of a honeymoon suite, and it is filled with teak furnishings and matching d├ęcor that will make your stay complete. A queen size bed, along with a double Jacuzzi and a double shower, as well as a fireplace make this suite complete. The breakfasts are also exquisite, with several courses including a fruit compote, appetizers and a main course – all accompanied by plenty of coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice.

The north country of Alaska is a great place to head to for your next romantic weekend. Close to the city of Anchorage and all of its conveniences, but far enough away to feel like you are alone in the world, a trip to a bed and breakfast here truly is one of the most romantic destinations in Alaska.

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